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Annual Scientific Reports

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Refereed Publications

Marcuson III, W.F., Beroza, G.C., Bielak, J., Desroches, R., Gath, E.M., Hanson, R.D., Kiremidjian, A.S. and Middleton, D., 2004: Preventing Earthquake Disasters. The National Academies Press, 172 pp.

Pouquet, A., Rosenberg, D., and Clyne, J., 2003: Computational Challenges for Global Dynamics of fully Developed Turbulence in the Context of Geophysical Flows. In Proceedings of Statistical Theories and Computational Approaches to Turbulence (Modern Perspectives and Applications to Global-Scale Flows) Conference, pp. 3-14.

Clyne, J., 2003: The Multiresolution Toolkit: Progressive Access for Regular Gridded Data. In Proceedings of Visualization, Imaging, and Image Processing 2003, pp. 152-157.

Lum, E., Ma, K.-L., and Clyne, J., 2002: A Hardware-Assisted Scalable Solution for Interactive Volume Rendering of Timer-Varying Data. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 8(3), pp. 286-301.

Lum, E., Ma, K.-L., and Clyne, J., 2001: Texture Hardware Assisted Rendering of Timer-Varying Volume Data. In Proceedings of IEEE Visualization '01 Conference, pp. 263-270.

Clark, T.L., Hall, W.D., Kerr, R.M., Middleton, D.,  Radke, L., Ralph,  F.M., and Neimann, P.J., 1999: On the origins of aircraft-damaging clear-air turbulence during the 9 December 1992 Colorado downslope windstorm: Numerical simulations and comparisons with observationsJournal of Atmospheric Science.

Clark, Terry L., Larry Radke, Janice Coen, Don Middleton, 1999: Analysis of Small-Scale Convective Dynamics in a Crown Fire Using Infrared Video Camera Imagery. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 38(10), pp. 1401-1420.

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Clyne, J., Scheitlin, T., and Weiss, J.B., 1998: Volume Visualizing High-Resolution Turbulence Computations, Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Springer-Verlag, 11, pp. 195-211.


Non-Refereed Publications

Clyne, J., 2003: An Efficient Hierarchical Data Representation Scheme for Gridded Data, white paper.

Middleton, D., Clark, T.L., Coen, J., 2000: Forest Fire on a Small Hill. Wired Magazine, June.

Middleton, D., Clark, T.L., Coen, J., 1999: Forest Fire on a Small Hill. Computer Graphics World, September.

Middleton, D., 1999: Visualization of High-resolution CCM2 Simulation. Communications of the ACM, May.

Clyne, J., Dennis, J., 1998: Interactive Direct Volume Rendering of Time-Varying Data on the Origin2000. Cray Users Group Meeting, Stuttgart.