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NCAR’s broad range of research activities offers a wonderful opportunity to underpin and enrich UCAR’s Education and Outreach Strategic Plan. In particular, the Windows to the Universe website offers an exciting opportunity to reach an annual audience of 4 million visitors with NCAR's earth systems sciences content.

Project Status

Visualization Content on Windows to the Universe

VETS has met with the Windows to the Universe team and discussed strategies for integrating visualization content into the site. VETS is currently in the process of an inventory of the Windows to the Universe site with an eye for content integration points. This will result in a proposal to the Windows to the Universe team before year end.

Streaming Media

Video and animations will be a key part of a rich media educational experience. With our streaming media server ready for a September/October launch, web developers across UCAR, NCAR and Windows to the Universe will be able to take advantage of this core service to add video and audio content to their websites and take advantage of the immediate playback enabled by streaming technology.

VETS Redesign

In addition, the redesign of the VETS website takes a more educational approach, organizing visualizations by model and topic, and providing more detailed explanations of visualizations and the research behind them. There will also be explanations of how stereo visualization works, and links to visualization software resources.

Prototypes & Development Sites



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