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QuickTime | Real | MPEG 412k

This website offers animations in QuickTime, RealVideo and MPEG-1 formats. The QuickTime and Real formats support video streaming which enables you to start viewing an animation almost immediately. The MPEG format must first download to your computer before it can be played.

If you already have a media player installed on your system, try playing the animation on this page to see if it works. If you are unsure which player you have installed, try all 3 links.

If you get an error message or the animation doesn't play using any of the links, you either don't have a media player installed, or you need to upgrade your player to a newer version.

Mac and PC Players

Get QuickTime

UNIX Players

  • Xine supports the most file formats and is available for Linux, Solaris, Irix, and FreeBSD.
  • MpegTV is an excellent player for Linux and several other UNIX platforms.
  • RealPlayer is available for a number of UNIX platforms as well.
  • MPEG.org provides advice on selecting an MPEG player.




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