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High Resolution, Multi-Century, Coupled Climate Simulation

This animation depicts year 109 from a 155 year climate simulation in which a 0.1 degree ocean and sea-ice model is coupled to a 0.5 degree atmosphere and land model. Sea ice thickness is shown at the poles, and sea surface temperature is rendered as a colored contour over the oceans. This simulation represents the first ever multi-century fully coupled simulation with an eddy-resolving ocean. This control run shows present day conditions and provides a proof-of-concept for using large scale computing systems to achieve significantly increased model resolution.

Note the presence of sharp sea surface temperature gradients, spinning ocean eddies, and hurricane tracks that appear as transient cold wakes east of Japan. While this simulation has excellent Antarctic sea ice statistics, it exhibits unrealistic behavior in the Arctic with less than expected sea ice thickness and coverage.


High Resolution, Multi-Century, Coupled Climate Simulation

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Model Name:
The Role of Climate System Noise in Climate Simulations
Parallel Ocean Program (POP)
Community Ice Code (CICE)
Community Atmosphere Model (CAM)
Community Land Model (CLM)
Run Time:
18 million cpu hours
Data Output:
Up to 1 TB of data per day for a total of 120 TB
Data Center:
Computations performed at the National Institute for Computational Sciences.
Dr. J. M. Dennis
James Kinter (COLA)
Cecilia Bitz (University of Washington)
Frank Bryan (NCAR)
John Dennis (NCAR)
Ben Kirtman (University of Miami)
Richard Loft (NCAR)
Cristiana Stan (COLA)
Mariana Vertenstein (NCAR)
Tim Scheitlin (NCAR)
Ryan McVeigh (NCAR)
Date Created:
September 13, 2010
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